Hunting Hills Kennel LLC 

     All puppies are sold in good faith. No dog is sold for any specific use or guarantee of performance, such as brood bitch, stud dog, show dog or field trial competitor. Our goal is to produce biddable dogs with overall strong natural hunting instincts and ability. At Hunting Hills Kennel we not only breed Small Munsterlander puppies, but we also ave started SMs from time to time. Call me if you are interested in a started SM and if I do not have one at the current time, I can assist you in finding one.
     I will assist SM owners with the training and handling of their puppies and dogs, train and handle our SMs in NAVHDA and HRC tests and will train and handle other dogs in these tests for their owners. Contact me by email or telephone for scheduling possibilities and pricing.

About US

      We are Jeff and Kris Hill, breeders of a wonderful personal versatile hunting dog ... the Small Munsterlander. Hunting Hills Kennel was established in 1995 with the purchase of Darby vom Kreiger (OFA excellent, NA Prize II & UT Prize I). We have trained, tested and bred Small Munsterlanders born in the US and imported from Germany and Denmark. Our goal is to breed healthy stable Small Munsterlanders that will mature into effective versatile hunting partners and family members.    
     Hunting Hills Kennel's goal is to breed the best to the best; to produce a well balanced hunting dog and calm companion in the home with the family. In 20 years of owning SM's there have been 26 litters with 199 Hunting Hills' Small Munsterlanders born. 189 of the 199 Small Munsterlanders born are of age to be   NAVHDA tested.   97 SM have Natural Ability tested in NAVHDA and 91 have passed the NA test with an average score of 103.3. That means that 56% of the Hunting Hills' Kennel Small Munsterlanders have tested and of those tested 94% have passed.

     Hunting Hills Kennel's puppy owners are supplied with the NAVHDA Training and Care of the Versatile Hunting Dog and the NAVHDA Rules, Aims, and Programs. We will help each owner with training information, tips and support to ready their SM pup for hunting and the NA test. At Hunting Hills Kennel, we strongly encourage the new puppy owners to test their new Small Munsterlander puppy in the NAVHDA Natural Ability test to prove the quality of hunting dog produced and prepare your puppy for your first hunting season. Testing your Small Munsterlander in a NAVHDA test is a great way for the handler/owner to evaluate the progress of the pup and also it will also help us at Hunting Hills Kennels to evaluate our breeding program. If you are not comfortable handling your SM in the NAVHDA NA test I can do that for you if requested. We will assist you in the care and training of your Hunting Hills' puppy and answer any training questions you may have, if we don't have a solution to your question we will put you in contact with a trainer who can answer your question or we will put you in contact with someone who can help you locally.
      This shows the quality of pups produ
ced and the excellent handlers and hunting home they have been placed. We urge and assist our Small Munsterlander owners to test their new puppy in the NAVHDA Natural Ability Test.
     Hunting Hills Kennel has gone to great lengths to produce for you Small Munsterlander puppies that are healthy and genetically sound puppies that will not only make the buyer content, but will also promote the Small Munsterlander breed. We
take pride in satisfying new puppy owners with the selection of their puppy, and we want you to be happy with your new hunting and home companion.