Hunting Hills Kennel LLC 

C Litter

VC Andreas v O'Meara/Sengpiel (Hans)
Sire of our C Litter
NA test - 102 Pr II UT test - 192 Pr I
Inv 191 Pass
OFA Good
SMCNA 2001 Dog of the Year

Darby vom Krieger
Dam of our A & C Litters
NA test - 102 Pr II UT test - 192 Pr I
OFA Excellent
Hunting Hill's A Litter:
NAVHDA Breeders Award dam


Hunting Hills' Claire Bailey  103 Prize II
Hunting Hills' Chloe              99 Prize II
Hunting Hills' Crusier          101 Prize II
Hunting Hill's C Litter arrived February 23, 2001. The dam was Darby vom Krieger and the sire was VC Andreas v O'Meara/Sengpiel. Five female puppies (4 roan & 1 brown & White) were born all healthy and happy.
Hunting Hills Claire Bailey (Bailey)
NA 103 Prize III
OFA Excellent
Hunting Hills Crusier
NA 101 Prize II
PennHIP 0.47/0.43
OFA Good
Hunting Hills Cayenne (Tobasco)
Hunting Hills Cassie (Casey)
NA 99 Prize II
IABCA Best In Show
Rare Breed Puppy
Hunting Hills Chloe won Best of Show Rare Breed Puppy

On June 22 and 23, I traveled to Purina Farms in St. Louis, Missouri, to attend the International All Breed Canine Association of America (IABCA) Dog Show with Hunting Hills Chloe and Hunting Hills Cruiser. The IABCA began ten years ago with the intent of making an International "UCI" Championship Title available to the American public while not exposing the dogs to international travel. To accomplish this, IABCA formed an association with an International Association of dog clubs, the Union Cynologie International (UCI), headquartered in Germany. The UCI organization has been in existence for almost 30 years.

During the two days Chloe and Cruiser were shown in three conformation shows. Each dog in the show was entered in either the puppy class or adult class, according to their age, and judged against the standard of their country of origin. First the dogs are judged against the standard and a written critique was dictated to the steward by the judge and a rating number was given of how well the dog conforms to the International "UCI" breed standard. Then the dogs were judged against the other dogs in their class and given placements. The dog receiving Best of Breed went on to compete against the other top dog in the breeds of the same class. The Small Munsterlanders are in the Sporting Class. The winners of the different Classes moved on to compete in the Best of Show.

In the first show, Chloe won best of breed puppy and Chloe and Cruiser both received a rating of SG-1, the top rating in the puppy class junghund (12 to 15 months old). Chloe won third place in the sporting breed puppy. In the second show, Chloe won best of breed puppy and Chloe and Cruiser both received a rating of SG-1. Chloe won second place in the sporting breed puppy. In the third show, Chloe won best of breed puppy and Chloe received a SG-1 rating and Cruiser received a rating of SG-2. The reason Chloe always won best of breed puppy was because of her heavier bone structure and strong appearance as required by our SM breed standard. Before the third best in show started there was an award given for the best in show rare breed dog and puppy. Chloe was awarded the Best in Show Rare Breed Puppy.

Since Chloe earned tree SG-1 ratings she is eligible to receive an IABCA International Puppy Champion title. It is not a requirement that a dog be registered with IABCA to be exhibited at a sanctioned show. However, in order for any certificates awarded to be applicable towards a "UCI" title the dog must be registered with IABCA within 40 days after the show date

The confirmation show was a fun and learning experience. Three other NAVHDA GSP owners were with us during the show. One GSP has participated in two past NAVHDA Invitational Tests and the other will test in the 2002 Invitational Test. A Heartland NAVHDA GSP owner, Tracey Nelson, was an experienced confirmation handler so she taught us the way to stack our dogs, hold them during the judge’s examination, and heal them to show the dog’s proper gait. We enjoyed meeting a lot of nice dog owners, talked to other rare breed owners about their breed and their breed club policies, and we saw many beautiful dogs.