Hunting Hills Kennel LLC 

Charly von Sandloh

               Charly von Sandloh
                              Sil HN BTR 
     VJP(71) HZP,LE=11(183) VGP (331/1.Pr)         
                  SG-SG-54 HQ=0.99,HD-A

Charly has a dense, long, slightly wavy coat with lots of feathering. His coat and form were rated as Very Good in German conformation testing. Charly weighs approximately 48 pounds and is 54cm in height, which is at the lower-end of the height scale for males. In addition to his very high test scores, Charly was selected for import into the Riverhill's breeding program because of his smaller size. The German judges who critiqued SMCNA-registered Munsters recommended we make an effort to bring down the size of our Munsters, as over the years, the average size has crept upward toward the top of the scale. Charly is an excellent hunter with a staunch, classic point. He will adjust the pace and distance at which he hunts based on the type of cover. He is an excellent retriever with a very soft mouth. Charly loves people and gets along very well with other dogs.

Charly's dam is
Uleika Aus Der Wolfskammer
VJP(70) HZP,LE=11(181)
VGP(324/1.Pr) SG-V-51
HQ-98 HD-A)

Charly's sire is
Benn Vom Bernstein
VJP(70) HZP,LE=12(180)
G-V-56 G-SG-56
HQ-98 HD-A)