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VC Cody vom Apfelbaumbach

Cody passed the NAVHDA
Invitational on Sept 27, 2007.
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VC Cody vom pfelbaumbach

NA 112 Prize I UT 204 Prize I Invitational Pass
VJP 74 VGP 273 Prize II
PennHIP .33/.33
Hunting Hill's F Litter: SMCNA Sire Award
Hunting Hill's G Litter: SMCNA Sire Award
Hunting Hill's H Litter: SMCNA Sire Award
Hunting Hills' L Litter: SMCNA Sire Award
Gosch's J Litter: SMCNA Sire Award
von Turner D Litter: SMCNA Sire Award

Cody at his VJP Test in Perry, Oklahoma
Cody and I, along with Gayla Salvatila and Fine, ran our VGP Test in Oklahoma in 2006.
Our judges were Willy Engleking, Rich Dobey and Rob Engleking.
Cody vom Apfelbaumbach was born on January 7, 2003. His breeder is Mr. Manfred Morber of Affalterbach/Pfaffenhofen Germany. This was the third litter of the vom Apfelbaumbach Kennel.
Cody's mother is Cindy von der Gröben.
Her test scores are as follows: Zb.Nr. 96-0879 / 47868, VJP (70), HZP (170), VGP (314/2 PR), sil., Gebr.Kl. g-sg-55, Schimmel, HD-frei.

Cindy's dam is Gina vom Ampertal Zb.Nr. 91-0249/41308, VJP (67), HZP (161), HZP (173), VGP (323/1 R) Sg-Sg-52 Braunschimmel, HD-Frei

Cindy's sire is Oscar vom Falkenstein Zb.Nr.94-0293/ 44996, HN VJP (75), HZP (191), B-HZP (188), VGP (308/ 2 PR) Ger.Kl. Sg-V-56. Braunschimmel, HD-Frei
Cody 's father is Artus vom Heckengau
Zb.Nr. 96-0380/47374, HN VJP (60), HZP (186), VGP (317/1 PR),TF, Verweiser, sil.Gebr.Kl. V-V-53, braun-weis, HD-frei.
Artus's dam is Anka zu Hallstein Zb.Nr. 93-0314/43682 VJP (52), HZP (176), VGP (333/1 PR) Gebr.Kl. V-Sg-53, braunschimmel, HD-frei.

Artus's sire is Jupp von der Schaferheide
Zb.Nr. 93-0305/43683 VJP (49), VJP (70) , HZP (176), VGP (320/2 Pr)Gebr.Kl. sg-sg-54, braunschimmel, HD-frei
Cody at his VGP Test in Oklahoma
we just finished the blood track and
received our cedar branch to honor the
God of the Hunt
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Dog Base Information on VC Cody vom Apfelbaumbach
Voice 110 Track 102 Nose 105 Water 104 Search 111 Point 104 Cooperation 107 Gun 96 Hips 110 Hernia 96 Shoulder 112