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Any questions you may have regarding the Small Munsterlander breed or Hunting Hills Kennels are welcome at any time.

Before calling about availability of puppies, you may want to think about the following questions:

1. What are the main reasons why I am considering a Small Munsterlander?
2. Will my Small Munsterlander be used for hunting?
3. Am I interested in possibly using my Small Munsterlander for breeding purposes?
4. Am I planning to spay or neuter my Small Munsterlander?
5. Will I test my Small Munsterlander in the NAVHDA Natural Ability Test?
6. Do I have a fenced in yard?
7. Where will my Small Munsterlander live during the day and night?
8. What are the list of questions I want to ask the breeder?

Hunting Hills Kennels gives preference to hunting homes. To place a versatile hunting puppy in a companion home may make both the owner and puppy unhappy. A hunting dog needs daily training and exercise. Small Munsterlanders are intelligent dogs and need daily stimulation. A bored puppy is a puppy that can be destructive or a problem for a pet owner who is not ready to meet the puppies needs on a daily basis.

We try to place puppies in home that will care and love their Small Munsterlander for the entire 12-14 years of it's life.