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Goodman's Eagle Point Farrah

Goodmans Eagle Pt Farrah
Father is German Import
NA 96 prize III
PennHIP .41/.32
Hunting Hills' J Litter: NAVHDA NA Breeder's Award dam
Hunting Hills' O Litter : NAVHDA & SMCNA NA Breeder's Award dam
Hunting Hills' S Litter : NAVHDA & SMCNA NA Breeder's Award dam

Goodman's Eagle Pt Farrah       Number      Percentage
# of Puppies born                         45
# of Puppies of age to test            45
# of Puppies tested                      23           51% of puppies tested
# of puppies with Prize I               11           48% who tested scored Pr I
# of puppies with Prize II                5           22% who tested scored Pr II
# of puppies with Prize III               7           30% who tested scored Pr III
# of puppies with No Prize 0
Farrah is one of our best mothers
As a puppy, Farrah loved to search the field, point birds and swim in the ponds.
Farrah's father is Jake vom Goldbrink
German import
NA Prize I- 108 points
UT Prize I - 201 points
OFA SMU-37G24M-PI Good
Farrah's mother is Goodman's Bailey
Daughter of of Czech imports
Natural Ability Prize I - 107 points
Farrah was born in Cresent, IA on May 1, 2007 from the Goodman's Eagle Point Kennel. She is a calm, happy, independent female who loves to swim, hunt, staunch point and has a nice through search. An excellent trait Farrah has is that she gets along with all dogs.

She passes her wonderful hunting and companion traits to her pups as seen in the NAVHDA scores of her pups. She has had 35 puppies with 22 old enough to NAVHDA NA test. Of the 12 puppies tested, 8 scored a prize I, 1 scored a prize II and 3 scored a prize III. All of her puppies tested have passed. Her son VC Hunting Hills' Joker passed the Invitational with a maximum score on 09-18-2010.
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