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VC Looses Jaika

VC Looses Jaika

Our Danish import
NA 112 Prize I, UT 204 Prize I, Inv 194 Pass
VJP 66
PennHIP .43/.33

Hunting Hill's H Litter: SMCNA & NAVHDA
Breeders Award dam
Hunting Hill's L Litter: SMCNA & NAVHDA
Breeders Award dam
Hunting Hill's N Litter: SMCNA & NAVHDA
Breeders Award dam

Jaika is a brown and white female born on November 8, 2004 from the Loose kennel in Denmark. Hans Loose is her breeder. Her dam is Maika and her sire is Trojborg's Joker whose pictures can be seen at the bottom of the page. As a puppy she was calm and even tempered puppy that was a bold quick learner. She has a staunch beautiful 'setter' like point, a very keen nose, and is a reliable retriever as you can tell by her maximum scores in her NA and UT tests. She passes these wonderful traits to her pups as seen in the NAVHDA scores of her pups. Jaika has had 28 puppies in 4 litters.  Of the 18 puppies tested, 12 scored a prize I, 5 scored a prize II and 1 scored a prize III.
Jaika was a beautiful little puppy
Sire: Trojborg's Joker 22150/95 HD-A

Jaika's mother Maika backing her father (Jaika's grandfather) named Sako

Maika, Jaika's mother, feeding Jaika and her other puppies

Breeder Hans Loose with Janni, Jaika's sister, owned by Solon Rhode

Dam: Maika 10053/99    HD-A
VC Looses Jaika                 Number        Percentage
# of Puppies born                     28 
# of Puppies tested                  18      64% of puppies tested
# of Puppies with Prize I          12      67% who tested scored Pr I
# of Puppies with Prize II           5      28% who tested scored Pr II
# of Puppies with Prize III          1        6% who tested scored Pr III
# of puppies with No Prize        0
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