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The SMCNA, established in 1993, is the original Small Munsterlander Breed Club in North America. Paul Jensen along with his wife Vibeke, had the foresight to create a breed Club that was performance based and required prior approval for any dog to be used for breeding.  Requiring minimum requirements that have been revised as theThis ensured that both the dam and sire had demonstrated their hunting abilities through approved hunting tests, and they meet health, temperament, and conformation standard.There were twenty three SMCNA charter members.

The SMCNA is dedicated to preserving the versatility of our breed true to the F.C.I. Small Munsterlander Standard of the breed as set forth by the German Verband for Kleine Munsterlander and adopted by the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale). The SMCNA Club has over 450 members who are dedicated to the hunting abilities, health, welfare and promotion of our breed in the United States and Canada.