Charly von der Emsaue (Ka$h)

Born March 18, 2017

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Quick Facts

Charly von der Emsaue (Ka$h) is a German import Kleine Munsterlander from Andreas Probsting who hunts grouse, pheasants and quail in Nebraska, Kansas, South and North Dakota. Ken Hamele uses Ka$h as his go to dog at two Nebraska preserves and wild bird hunting in the Midwest.

Ka$h has been a natural retriever from a puppy. He a very soft mouth retrieving grouse, pheasants, prairie chicken, quail,  turkey and ducks without putting a tooth mark in them. If the bird is alive when he picks it up, it will still be alive when he delivers it to hand.  Many times he has tracked a wounded pheasant or turkey for 100 to 200 yards then retrieves it to hand. Ka$h is a relentless retriever and will play bumper retrieve for hours.

Ka$h is a fast and meticulous hunter, who stays in gun range and checks in often. He is very obedient and a real pleasure to hunt with. He is the perfect guide dog!

Ka$h’s puppies have earned four SMCNA Sire’s Award & sired NAVHDA NA Breeders Awards for Hunting Hills’ BB Litter,  Hunting Hills’ CC Litter, Timber Trail’s F Litter, and von Maple A Litter Sire Award.

Progeny Number / Percentage
# of Puppies born 66

# of Puppies tested                   20       30% of puppies tested
# of puppies with Prize I          10       50% who tested scored Pr I
# of puppies with Prize II          6        30% who tested scored Pr II
# of puppies with Prize III        2        10% who tested scored Pr III
# of puppies with No Prize       2        10% who tested scored No Prize