Hunting Hills’ Blood Ty

Born July 19, 2015

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Quick Facts

Hunting Hills’ Blood Ty has earned NA 112 Pr I and UT 188 Pr II and one SMCNA Sires Award. Ty hunts grouse, pheasants and quail in Nebraska, Kansas, South and North Dakota. He also guides hunts at two Nebraska preserves with his owner Ken Hamele.

Ty is an athletic and handsome looking light roan male Small Munsterlander. He has a lighter efficient square like build with good bone mass. His head has correct proportions with a good ear set, and medium brown eyes. He has very good front assembly and his front legs are setback nicely under his chest, with good angulation. His front and rear legs are straight and parallel. His chest is slightly narrow, with very good depth and length. His top line is excellent, with a nice gradual slope. His croup, tail set, and tail length are correct. His rear assembly looks very good as well with very good rear angulation.

Ty’s has a very good medium length coat.