Hunting Hills’ Rocky

Born December 7, 2011

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Quick Facts

Hunting Hills’ Rocky’s was produced from frozen semen of a well respected German male named Astor vom Kiefernwalde 96-1325 KlM and VC Looses Jaika DK21956/2004 KlM from Hans Loose a well known Danish breeder. This union produced a wonderful litter with strong hunting instincts and calm demeanor.

Rocky has a very staunch point with intensity and style. He is a very quick learner and an able hunting companion. Rocky is an all day hunting dog with much energy and drive. He has an excellent nose, point and tracking ability.n

Rocky has excellent conformation and coat. Rocky is a nice elegant looking male Small Munsterlander. He is at the smaller size for the males height. His head proportions are excellent with dark brown eyes, lower ear set. He has a nice strong neck. Rocky’s  front angulation is very good with excellent set back. His front legs are nice and parallel, his feet are straight with noticeably large thick pads. The depth and length of chest very good and a nice level top line with gradual slope. His croup a little steep with a tail set that is a little low. Rocky’s rear angulation is very good as well. His rear legs parallel and his rear feet are straight with noticeably large thick pads.
Rocky has an excellent dense coat with very good length. The length of his furnishings are all excellent.

For more information about Rocky, contact Tonyia Bartholomew of ET Bar Kennel in Kansas. Tonyia’s contact email is [email protected]