Hunting Hills’ Yeager Kayden

Born March 17, 2014

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Carrah Whitaker says this about her Small Munsterlander Hunting Hill’s Yeager Kayden:

Kayden is so much more than we could have ever imagined; he has taught us what the Small Munsterlander is truly all about. Kayden loves to work and train completing both with style and drive. I have been told many times he is a pleasure to watch, “He just loves to work”. Kayden has tested and excelled in NAVHDA at a very young age. In our training journey we have also ventured into the Hunter Retriever Club testing. Kayden earned his SHR (started) title at 13 months and his HR (seasoned) Title April 2018. We have competed in the SMCNA Bird Derby 3 years running and Kayden has taken 1st place all 3 years and in all 3 classes.

Kayden is a pleasure to have in the home and we have travelled extensively across the country and he is always well behaved. He earned his Canine Good Citizen at 14 months.

Kayden’s strong work ethic, incredible drive, and his ability to keep his head in the game represents the Small Munsterlander very well as a versatile breed.

For more information about Kayden, contact Carrah Whitaker at [email protected]