Robingun’s Skeets Three Oh

Born December 6, 2019

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Quick Facts

Robingun’s Skeets Three Oh’s parents are both imports, Camilo Matice V.D. Chesannehof (Milo) from Denmark and Bronce II vom Fuchseck from Germany.   Skeets excels the field with a though search and staunch point and loves the water. He is a happy dog who is eager to learn. He has a beautiful roan coat with dark brown eyes.  His conformation is vey nice.

Bronce II simply exceptional.  Her personality is very gentle but when she is searching in the field she is fierce, eager to please and learns quickly.  She received a 110 Prize I on her NAVHDA NA test at 14 months and also won first place at the SMCNA 2017 Bird Derby (puppy division) at 15 months.

Skeets is a beautiful blend of his parents.  He has an outstanding nose, close worker in the field and reacts well to the whistle.  When he finds game his point is very staunch and Mac loves to retrieve the bird to hand. Skeets has a dense slightly wavy white and brown coat with correct furnishings. Mac is very loyal, calm and a wonderful home companion.