Timber Trail’s Hugo

Born April 1, 2016

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Quick Facts

Timber Trail’s Hugo’s father is Anheuser von der Weidach (a brother of my girl Avery von der Weidach) from Norbert Rammler, a German breeder. And his mother is Timber Trail’s A Lucky whose breeder is Mark Schnubel.

Hugo has a very staunch point with intensity and style. He is a very quick learner and an able hunting companion. Hugo is an all day hunting dog with much energy and drive. He has an excellent nose, point and tracking ability.

Hugo has very good conformation and excellent coat. He is a nice elegant looking male Small Munsterlander. He is at the taller size for the males height.

Hugo has an excellent dense coat with very good length. The length of his furnishings are all excellent.

Hugo is owned by Mark Schnubel of Timber Trail’s Kennel in Connecticut. Mark’s contact email is [email protected].