Hunting Hills’ YY Litter – February 2022

Puppies Available April 9, 2022

Anastasia vom Maple (Ana)

Timber Trail’s Hugo

Quick Facts

This litter is Hunting Hills YY litter. The owners will supply a pedigree name that begins with the letter Y. I will register your dog with both the American Kennel Club (AKC) and North America Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA). You will receive a one year complimentary membership in SMCNA.  Y names could be Yla, Yetta, Ysabel, Yitty, York, Yule, Yandy, Yuri, Yancy, Yuki, Yager. Of course, you can pick a call name like Scout or Gunnar that you will call the dog for everyday and use a descriptive Y name for the pedigree name like Hunting Hills’ Youthful Scout or Hunting Hills’ Yager Gunnar.

I post pictures of the pups on my website at I also post pictures on my Hunting Hills page on Facebook at:!/media/albums/?id=205973169419552. As the puppies are picked, I will place the word PICKED after their name. I will post pictures of the puppies every week and I will try to post video clips of the group and individual pups. This will be a wonderful time for puppies since I will be able to get them into water, in the fields and around birds. These puppies should be mostly roan and a couple brown & white colored, have very calm and stable temperaments in the home, staunch points and back like both parents. Both dogs have very tight hip scores which their puppies will inherit.

A $100 deposit will hold your order of the puppy by the date on the check. I do not cash the checks until you pick up your puppy. The cost of the puppies both male and females are $1800. I reserve the right to select pups for buyers but will try to accommodate your choice. Everyone will send me a list of their three top puppies when they are seven weeks old. I allow buyers to choose a male or female pup and to give me their feedback as to which pups they like. Buyers are assured of the sex they want but I reserve the right to make the final selection on which pup will be your new hunting and home companion.