Avery von der Weidach – Retired

Born March 28, 2012

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Quick Facts

Hunting Hills Kennel imported Avery von der Weidach  from Norbert Rammler. This wonderful Kleine Munsterlander was from an Auslesezucht (quality or special) breeding. To be classified as a quality breeding both the sire and dam must meet strong KlM requirements.

Avery is a tireless hunter, an exceptional tracker, and an outstanding retriever. In the field, she runs fairly big and covers a lot of ground quickly. When in thicker cover she shortens her range and works closely to the gun. She tracks as well in the water as she does on land, and swims as well as she runs. Avery is an excellent tracker of wounded game and has a soft mouth, retrieving pheasants, quail, chukar, and ducks.

As you can see in Avery’s pictures, she has has a dense, soft, roan coat. She has a large brown cape. Her looks are very feminine and athletic looking, with very good conformation.

All three of Avery’s litters have earned SMCNA & NAVHDA Breeders Awards. Her litters are Hunting Hill’s Y Litter, Hunting Hill’s BB Litter, and Hunting Hill’s EE Litter. We have very high expectations of her upcoming litter due April 30, 2018. It will be Hunting Hill’s KK Litter.

Avery is the female our entire pack looks up to for direction.

Progeny Number / Percentage
# of Puppies born 42

# of Puppies tested                 20        48% of puppies tested
# of puppies with Prize I         14        70% who tested scored Pr I
# of puppies with Prize II          3        15% who tested scored Pr II
# of puppies with Prize III         1          5% who tested scored Pr III
# of puppies with No Prize       2        10% who tested scored No Prize