Hunting Hills Puppies

At Hunting Hills Kennel we work hard to produce Small (Kleine) Munsterlander that are both premier hunting dogs and wonderful loving family companions. Our HHK puppies are born and raised in our home. They are handled daily from birth on. The puppies are well-socialized with adults, kids, and other dogs. Our puppies play in different terrains, heights of grass and woods on our farm, ride in the car to become accustomed to travel off the farm, introduced to birds, gunfire, and water when weather allows.

We evaluate all of our puppies’ temperament and conformation before they are placed with their owners. Pictures of each HHK puppy’s conformation can be found on our Facebook page.

Puppy Vet Visits

Our puppies visit the vet at 7 weeks for a through check up with their first set of puppy shots (DHPPL), worming, heartworm and are microchipped. Hunting Hills Kennel does not remove the puppy’s dew claws

What Comes With Your Hunting Hills’ Puppy?

Your HHK puppy will have both AKC and NAVHDA pedigrees, one year free membership to the Small Munsterlander Club of America breed club (SMCA). We provide the new owners with the The NAVHDA Aims and Rule Book.

Your HHK  puppy’s health is guaranteed against hip dysplasia, or other genetic disease as determined by a licensed veterinarian.  The dog will be replaced with another dog of a future breeding (Buyer may keep said dog), or half of the purchase price that will be used for surgical correction and the dog will be spayed or neutered. Documentation must be sent to the Breeder to confirm the diagnosis. This clause shall remain in effect for three years from the date of birth of said dog. Any health problems will be reported to the Breeder and to the Genetic Health Project (GHP) of the SMCNA.

Hunting Homes

We prefer to place our puppies in hunting homes and will only consider a non-hunting home if the puppy will regularly participate in activities that utilize his/her natural talents, such as hunt testing, tracking, search and rescue or an outdoor family that regularly hikes or exercises with the dog. Small Munsterlanders are working dogs who require daily exercise and mental stimulation. Small Munsterlanders also enjoy human companionship and are clean in the home.  If you cannot take your Small Munsterlander somewhere to run and hunt off-lead for at least 20 minutes, 4 days per week or more, this is not the breed for you. Most behavioral problems are resolved or helped by giving the dog more off-lead exercise and mental stimulation.

Cost of a HHK Puppy

We will require a refundable deposit of $100 to hold a puppy for you from a current or planned litter. The remaining balance of $1700 is due when you pick up your puppy or just prior to us shipping your puppy to you. If we ship your puppy, you will also be responsible for all shipping-related costs. For airline shipping within the continental US, the total shipping fee is usually $450-$500 (depending upon the airline) for an 8-to-10-week-old puppy. We ship via American Cargo, United Cargo, or Delta Cargo.

Your puppy can be paid for by check or with PayPal.

NAVHDA Natural Ability Test

We encourage you to prepare your puppy to take NAVHDA’s Natural Ability Test. The NA test is designed to evaluate the success of a breeding and to provide information for making future breeding decisions. The tests also help prepare a dog to be your hunting companion in its first year hunting. The NAVHDA NA test is an important test to evaluate a versatile hunting dog’s natural hunting ability. If you plan to breed puppy, the SMCNA will require him or her to prize in a NAVHDA test along with a hip evaluation. I will assist you with training here at our farm or offer advice and assistance in training your puppy if you do not live nearby.  I can also handle your puppy in their NA test if requested.

How the Order of Picking Your Pup is Determined

The puppy buyer’s place in the Order of Picking your pup is determined by the date on which he/she makes a reservation by submitting a completed Application found under the Contact page and mailing a refundable $100.00 check to Kris Hill, 2161 30 Rd, Brainard, NE 68626. I like to discuss with you what you are looking for in your new Small Munsterlander hunting companion.  Since I work with the puppies everyday, I try to help each new owner of a HHK puppy to select the puppy that suits their home and hunting needs. So the date your reservation and deposit arrive plus the puppy’s traits and the new owners experience determines where each puppy will live. HHK reserves the right of final decision.

Hunting Hills Kennel has gone to great lengths to produce for you a healthy, genetically sound puppy that not only will make you happy, but will also promote the Small Munsterlander breed. We take pride in satisfying new owners with the selection of their puppy, and we want very much for you to be pleased with your new addition.