Grasidingen’s Manfred Jixerson (Ruger)

Born August 2, 2017

Quick Facts

Grasidingen’s Manfred Jixerson (Ruger) earned NA 107 Prize II in his NAVHDA Natural Ability Test. His PennHip score is 0.26/0.26. He is very cooperative, has an excellent nose, point, tracking ability and drive. Ruger’s father is Pixer Jixer van de Chesannehof owned by Maurice Coenen & Peggy Dautzenberg. Pixer Jixer is the top male Small Munsterlander male in Denmark. Ruger’s mother is Grasidingen’s Yla owned by Lena Gilsteadt who is the top breeder in Sweden. Ruger is owned by Jason Donner and Pamela Robinson of Robingun Kennel in Lincoln, NE. Pam’s contact email is [email protected].