VC Hunting Hills’ Hemlock – Hemi RIP

Born January 17, 2007

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Quick Facts

Hunting Hills’ Hemlock (Hemi) is a brown and white male Small Munsterlander born on January 17, 2007 from the Hunting Hills’ Kennel in Brainard, NE. His dam is VC Looses Jaika and his sire is VC Cody vom Apfelbaumbach, whose pictures can be seen on their individual pages. As a puppy he was happy, calm, and even tempered puppy that was a bold quick learner. Hemi has his mothers and fathers staunch intense points, has a very keen nose, and is a reliable retriever as you can tell by his maximum scores in his NA and UT tests. Hemi did not earn a qualifying score at the 2011 NAVHDA Invitational, but he again scored 204 prize I in his 2011 UT test and he scored 196 Pass at the 2012 Invitational.

Hemi is passing these wonderful traits to his pups as seen in the NAVHDA scores of his progeny. He has sired 27 puppies with only 9 old enough to NAVHDA NA test. Of the 5 puppies tested, 2 scored a prize I, 1 scored a prize II and 2 scored a prize III. All of his puppies tested have passed. Hemi has two sons who are Versatile Champions- VC Hunting Hills’ Joker and VC Hunting Hills’ Epic Creed. Hemi has two grandsons who are Versatile Champions- VC Hunting Hills’ Yukon Moose Tracks and VC Timber Trail’s Cedar (Timber).

Number Percentage
# of Puppies born 62

# of Puppies tested                 30        48% of puppies tested
# of puppies with Prize I         16        53% who tested scored Pr I
# of puppies with Prize II          7        23% who tested scored Pr II
# of puppies with Prize III         6        20% who tested scored Pr III
# of puppies with No Prize       1          3% who tested scored No Prize