Hunting Hills’ U Razin Kain Tessa (Tessa)

Born October 4, 2020

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Quick Facts

Hunting Hills U Razin Kain Tessa is out of Avery von der Weidach who is our German import from Norbert Rammler. Tessa’a father is Vito who is owned by Pam Robinson and is an import from Demark.  Vito’s father is Rico owned by Jan Lundquist Larsen and Dorthe Winde. Vito’s mother is Uldjydens Sikki owned by Ellen Greve.

Tessa is a young hunter who scored 112 PI in her NAVHDA NA test.  She is a exceptional tracker, and an very good retriever. In the field, she runs fairly big and covers a lot of ground quickly. When in thicker cover she shortens her range and works closely to the gun.

As you can see in Tessa’s pictures, she has has a dense, soft, roan coat. She has a large brown cape. Her looks are very feminine and athletic looking, with very good conformation.

Tessa is now SMCA qualified for breeding! She looks to be a great asset to our kennel!